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Review of Visions of Prosetry

Ijeoma Kikelomo Rating: 12 Aug 2021, 17:26 OBC review of "Visions of Prosetry" by Vee Nelly Post Comments

Visions of Prosetry by Vee Nelly is a compilation of four different books under one cover: [Urban Prose & Short Stories], Poetic Knight, Thorns and Roses, and Midnight Rendezvous. It contains a blend of prose, poetry, and short stories. The author explained 'prosetry' as a mixture of prose and poetry incorporated into one creative piece. This form of writing goes against the grain, the very nature, of the traditional definition of the contrast between prose and poetry.

Reading through this book, it was evident that the author put a lot of thought into writing it. Each book had a unique texture, but they all culminated into a beautiful testimony of the author's talent. They touched on themes like despair, broken homes, hope, racism, romance, abuse, infidelity and even love. Some stories represented periods in the author's life. One could see his struggles and pain in the fine lines of the story. I think I enjoyed reading Valentine the most. Though not a story itself, Vee Nelly raised several thought-provoking issues regarding the marking of Valentine's Day. He wrote briefly on the history of Valentine's Day, what it symbolizes, and a better way to celebrate it.

Vee Nelly also questioned the cliche traditions of exchanging written cards, chocolate and roses. He explained how such things, in the end, do not portray heartfelt love from one person to another, be that special someone a lover, friend, or relative. He then outlined better ways to mark the day, which you will have to read the book to find out.

Lots of things were captivating about this book, but I was most intrigued by its unique concept. Although it is a quick read, the delivery was top notch. The poetry in it, the symbolism, imagery, similes and metaphors all merged to translate the soul of each story.

On the downside, several stories like Whispering Delusion, Quiet Deception, Dark Prey, Ghost of Shadows, Inflection, and Masked Intruder, were not concluded. Although there was a promise for continuity, I didn't come across the continuing part. I also came across some spelling and punctuation errors. Considering the need for further editing, I rate Visions of Prosetry by Vee Nelly as 3 out of 4 stars. It has the potential for a 4-star rating with a little more fine-tuning.

In Midnight Rendezvous, the author writes about a relationship between beings from two separate worlds. He painted a very vivid picture of the lovemaking, so fair warning to the faint-hearted. I would recommend this book to lovers of poetry and anyone who would like to read a book that beautifully fuses prose and poetry.

Ijeoma Kikelomo

Readers, please be aware that OBC's highest rating scale stops at 4-stars in contrast to the conventional 5-star rating systems, so technically this book rates at 4 out of 5-stars

Reply to Review by Author

In re: Ijeoma Kikelomo Review - Visions of Prosetry

First, I would love to thank the reviewer - Ijeoma Kikelomo, for choosing to read and review my book (cover edition 001-346) and leaving an honest review. This review was my second review with This would have been my second favorite review like the first, where the first review connected with the author and his unique style of writing (001-246 review). However, I was most disappointed when this particular review stated I promised something in my book and never delivered. Comments such as this hurts the credibility of a book and its author, especially if the reviewer made an inaccurate and unfounded statement.

In rebuttal to the inaccuracies stated,

any stories in my book that ended with the tag "to be continued..." meant exactly what it signified. Most stories like this in each book were written and ended with a "cliffhanger". See definition from Oxford Dictionary of English -

    a dramatic and exciting ending to an episode of a serial, leaving the audience in suspense and anxious not to miss the next episode: a story or event with a strong element of suspense: the match was a cliffhanger right up to the final whistle.

Moreover, some continued in my later book, Dark Haze - The Island. I also noted in Visions of Prosetry the time frame and year each book/story was originally written - since 2002 (most were rewrites). I've also noted which story connected the other in the same book, whether prequels or sequels. This is the only reviewer who seemed not to get that style of writing. Nevertheless, I have reedited my books to be specifically detailed in explaining these aspects of my 'cliffhangers'. I hope now they clarify any future misunderstandings.

Secondly, the reviewer pointed out errors in my text (although it was professionally edited since my last review with I think it fair game to point out in candor that this original review by the reviewer also had errors that needed to be fixed before being published. I think it a bit hypercritical by calling me out on errors and the review made errors as well. For one, the spelling of my book title as "Prostery". This shortcoming only goes to show that no matter who we are, whether amateur or professional, we all make mistakes. This book has since been returned to have another look over by a professional editor and the final results were approved in my last review with

This review was not meant to offend the reviewer, only match candor with candor. Since I was not allowed to defend my book on the platform where the above comments hurt my credibility based on forum comments by other readers, I decided to place my response here. You can view my critique post on the experience I had with by following this Link.

- Vee Nelly, Author | Poet

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