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Review of Visions of Prosetry

Nonso Ok Rating: 27 Oct 2021, 16:22 OBC review of "Visions of Prosetry" by Vee Nelly Post Comments

Visions of Prosetry by Vee Nelly is a collection of urban prose and poems that portray the author's life experiences and some other people; most of the prose and poems depict romantic relationships between individuals. Vee describes the emotions involved in intimate relationships; these emotions include lust, anger, jealousy, love, and passion. Through her well-crafted stories, Vee demonstrates that even though love is a beautiful experience, it can be very destructive.

After reading this book, it became evident to me that infidelity is fatal to an intimate relationship. Vee stipulates many other factors that destroy intimate relationships. In Visions of Prosetry, readers are informed of the elements that nourish romantic relationships, such as patience and effort; Vee also describes the power and destructiveness of lust. This book equally examines other themes, such as spirituality and stress management.

Visions of Prosetry is truly a work of art as Vee employs literary devices such as imagery, metaphors, and similes with great finesse. The story enchants the reader from the beginning till the end of the book. The author deals with the themes in this book comprehensively, which is to the reader's benefit. This book teaches the reader about the initiation, maintenance, stimulation, and enjoyment of romantic relationships. Also, I like how Vee portrays the hazards of love and lust.

Another remarkable feature of this book is that it creates surreal experiences for the reader. The author achieves this by including spiritual creatures and experiences in her stories. Suspense is utilized with expertise to pique the reader's interest, making this book much more fascinating. An example of the use of suspense is in the poem "Knock Knock." I did not notice any errors in this book; it is exceptionally edited.

This book is centered on romantic, intimate, and sexual relationships. Intense sexual references are made throughout the text; I find it inappropriate that the religious figure known as Jesus Christ and certain Christian principles were involved in this narrative, which might offend some readers. The structure of this work is not great; the stories are not organized coherently. This might have been used to create suspense; however, many readers will find it confusing.

Considering the points I have stated, I rate Visions of Prosetry 3 out of 4 stars. I did not rate it higher because of the poor structure of the book. I did not rate it lower than I did because it is an evocative work of art that accurately expresses the intricacies of intimate relationships.

Considering the sexual content of this book, I do not recommend it to minors. However, I recommend it to people that are enthusiastic about romance fiction.

Nonso Ok

Readers, please be aware that OBC's highest rating scale stops at 4-stars in contrast to the conventional 5-star rating systems, so technically this book rates at 4 out of 5-stars

Reply to Review by Author

In re: Nonso Ok Review - Visions of Prosetry

First, I would love to thank the reviewer - Nonso OK, for taking the time to read my book (cover edition 001-546) and leaving a candid review. However, I have several objections I must address:

  • The issues of the theme and genre of the book
  • The issues about the structure of the book
  • Theme

    Contrary to the rendition of the review above, this book not only touches soley upon romance and intimacy, but also touched on reality when it comes to spirituality, discrimination, racism, destructive behavior of lust, the supernatural, mental health, amongst other themes we are familiar with today. See previous reviews about this book via our blog.

    The only book out of this collection series that delve into the the so-called 'intense sexual references' as the reviewer so noted is isolated to the last book "MidKnight Rendezvous".

    I also wonder (as per per the comments) why it would be an issues to include God, Jesus, and their principles within a book such as this one. Recall this book includes four distinct books that are unique of their own title, and besides "Love" was created by our Creator since the very beginning. People tend to criticize love as bad when it comes to putting love and God together. Maybe its the mindset of the person who holds these words within who feels convicted based on how they use the action of the word itself. In other words, "Love" can be a tool used to do good or to do bad. It is how we use this tool that which determines it good or evil in God's eyes. I think referencing such principles within my book shows my intentions. Moreover, this book "Midknight Rendezvous" was intended for an adult married audience; it was originally written for me and my (now ex) wife while I was deployed overseas for a year during war time in the 2000's.


    From what I could decipher of the reviewer above, this book was expected to be written in novel form and the reviewer had an issue with this. Again, the book is a collection of random, assorted poetry, prose, and short stories... not a novel with chapters. Each prose or story is distinctive of the other, other than where noted otherwise. In other words a book that has a collection of random stories or prose are normally without structure.

    I think other than removing a star based on common errors or other reasons found in my book, (see id. blog on my other and reviews for this book) of all my other reviews for this manuscript I've received in the past, this review was more unique in the fact it made my entire book seemed like total erotic... which was highly misrepresented.

    In conclusion, I've always respected candid reviews and embrace differing opinions and perspectives, but I caution all potential readers and buyers to view each review objectively and not premise your refusal to read or purchase a book on the personal opinions of one or two people. One must find the universal chord each distinct reviewer shares in common taken from the total number of reviews of about 10 or more, if possible.

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  • Since I was not allowed to defend my book on the platform, I've decided to place my response here. You can view my critique post on the experience I had with by following this Link.

    - Vee Nelly, Author | Poet

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