I Will Remember!


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I Will Remember!

Selena Willis October 04, 2022 Post Comments

I prepared myself for this day and I still wasn't ready.
Although you're gone, I gotta keep steady.
I still can't wrap my head around it,
But for this family, I will stay mounted.

You were known for your help and love,
But now you're watching over us from above.
Never did I thought I'd see the day,
That I'd have to be here to say,

As I look into the sky,
You're up there flying high,
God has wrapped you in his arms,
You're the rainbow that shines after the storm.
I need everyone to remember the good times,
And remember that in this life, time flies.

Things don't always happen the way we want,
But with you in our hearts, we're never far apart.

Copyright © - LSDW

Selena Willis ( Writer & Poet )

Selena is an emotional, deep writer, and poet by heart. Often times she comes up with uniquely, crafted, thought-provoking pieces that often times seem surreal to even fathom, but keep in mind that sometimes her literatures are not intended to be taken literally. I believe her pieces are meant to expose the raw truth about the many conflictions we, as humans, have to deal with on a daily basis. Not only in a physical nature, but a spiritual one at best. If we be honest and transparent with ourselves, we can relate to this very fact. A spiritual battle wages on behind the canopy of this carnal world, and one of the prized possessions the enemy wants to get a hold on is, your mind. Selena's goal in sharing her literature is to bless others and to let you know, you are never alone in this thing called life. To find out more about Selena, you can find her on Instagram, follow her on Twitter or click the Facebook link below to learn more.
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