The Bliss Of Heaven

The Bliss Of Heaven


LaVan Robinson JUN 26, 2022 Post Comments

With the world and its embittered inhabitants so full of fear and doubt. When it comes to the ways of love there’s so many ways for one to try to traverse through the path and figure it out. I was always one who tried to at least stay one step ahead of it. The mind games, the betrayal and self sabotage all left me drowning in the aftermath of my own miry pit. This was the pattern and I was ok with how it was turning out.

After years with many women; after a turbulent start; my relationship with love I surely had my doubt. Was love for me or I for love? There was so much contemplation about it I was so curious of. My family and friends would share and tell about their experiences and how it felt when Cupid pull back that arrow and let it fly; striking its special target releasing the full hypnotic intensity of its powerful effects on the heart. The more stories they told, the more of it I wanted to be a part of.

Right then and there my attitude started to change, and with that attitude my mindset wasn’t the same. All of a sudden, I started to have this funny feeling stirring deep within the bottom of my stomach like butterflies. I went into a deep trance as my eyes focused on an image of such beauty and grace. I saw your face and that’s when love knocked upon the door of my whole essence and made itself home in my personal space.

You touched me and I felt its tenderness, and was truly mesmerized by your honey sweetness. You and I were the heavenly blueprint for romantic, spiritual, mental, and physical completeness. I was so grateful that when it came to love I was open minded and now the universe had blessed me with a Queen so full of kindness. I love you from the bottom of my heart and soul. For love in me had a chance and opportunity to happily begin. This perfect reunion of two was blessed and manifested before time itself in the unfiltered bliss of heaven.

- LaVan Robinson | Author & Poet