Valentine's Day


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Valentine's Day


LaVan Robinson JUL 04, 2022 Post Comments

I'm so enameled and smitten by your wholeness of beauty, strength and grace. I get so enlightened by your sensuous smile that can just light up any room or dim space.

You emit from your presence and soul so much surety and confidence. You bring so much in my life such as stabilization, joy and heavenly bliss.

I love you so very very much and I get so weak just by our insatiable appetite of our hungry wanting bodies slightly brushing against one another and from an electrifying glancing touch.

You're everything I asked God for and so much more. This just feels so good and right and when our lips gently kiss and meet. It's just pure ecstasy and chemical raw attraction that makes us as lovers become even more committed, satisfied and very complete.

You're so special, unique and perfect in ever imaginable way. I'm so honored and grateful because you make every second, minute and hour with you my Valentine's Day.