Vulnerability Of Self


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Vulnerability Of Self


LaVan Robinson SEP 12, 2022 Post Comments

The vulnerability of self and being is like an open wound that's susceptible to the disease of the state of infection. The trauma of reliving the journey of life is in the reaction to that particular nature of actions leading up to that event.

Although wounds aren't quite fully yet healed, cutting through the thickness of safety layers that are set up or put in place to protect your emotional...

...core, and the strength of the soul, will help you to finally prevail.
Only then will you truly believe and understand life's meaning and its many intangibles bestowed in its value and wealth.

The unfiltered enlightenment of your spiritual, mental, and physical expressions; delightfully sharing your gifts and blessings, is the beginning of the vulnerability of self.

- LaVan Robinson | Author & Poet