What Is Love?

Is It Really That Complicated?


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What Is Love?

It's A Complex Question...

Selena Willis September 01, 2022 Post Comments

The question is among us all.
Is there a true definition of love?
The way I see it is, me and you,
Could have two completely different definitions of love.

If you ask others, you'll get a lot of,
"Love comes from the man above," or
"Love is sex with no glove," and
"Love is something that many not too often speak about."
But what does love consist of?
Because, it's a question we're all just about sick of.

Love is an emotion you express,
Love is when I get butterflies inside, I guess.
Love is when the little boy pushes the girl down at recess.
Love is when you drop what you're doing at another's request.

Some could see love as constant stress, or
"You so fine," so it's your body they caress.
Unless, you can contest,
Love is pure romance, it's all about finesse.

What is Love?
It's a word like ?friend? that we use too loosely,
I used to claim to love confusedly,
And bled love profusely!
But I was absolutely one of those who was rudely,
Awakened from my fantasy world, not too smoothly.

Yes, the word love has a real definition,
But each of us take it and adjust to it as we see fit.
We can't let someone else's comprehension make us a misfit.
So we look for something legit and try to commit,
As long as they aren't no hypocrite.
And if they can't adjust to what we need,
We easily split, just to admit, that their definition wasn't it.

Love could be far or sitting right in front of your face,
But the question still remains in this place...
"What is love?"

Copyright © - LSDW

Selena Willis ( Writer & Poet )

Selena is an emotional, deep writer, and poet by heart. Often times she comes up with uniquely, crafted, thought-provoking pieces that sometimes seem surreal to even fathom, but keep in mind that her literatures are not intended to be taken literally. I believe her pieces are meant to expose the raw truth about the many conflictions we, as humans, have to deal with. Not only in a physical nature, but a spiritual one at best. If we be honest and transparent with ourselves, we can relate to this very fact. A spiritual battle wages on behind the canopy of this carnal world, and one of the prized possessions the enemy wants to get a hold on is, your mind. To find out more about Selena, you can find her instagram @lenaad15, follow her on Twitter or follow the 'FB' link below.

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