Change Begins In The Heart

Before we can change the world, we need to change ourselves. So many people have tried, but with little success. If we do not first understand the significance of what change is, then we need to stop, think, and ask questions.

Change is looking into one's self; seeing a need to become a better person, and putting all that into motion. Making that effort to be better for yourself, your family, and your friends. So that all could see the wonderful person you really are on the inside.

Change is in the way we think, act, and respond. Change is also the way we carry ourselves, with dignity and with pride. Change is the way we smile and in the way we treat people. To be a person that people can look up to, when they are in need, or when they need comforting.

It takes a willing heart to become the greatest of all times, to be number one in everything that is said and done; to be the survivor, to make it in and out of each and every problem.

But nobody likes change. They would rather be the same. How can this be? Change is one of the greatest assets a person can gain for themselves. Change is the greatest of all.

Change!–C. Robert

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