Changing With Time

Changing with Time 

There is a negative concept going around, and that concept is that it is okay to kill one another, if it is black on black. Still, as soon as a white person does it, it becomes a race issue.

The big problem is that we do not talk about our problem the way we should, but when it comes to another race doing something we do not like, we quickly say something about it. If we were more considerate of each other, it would be completely different. Still, we are not, and that is sad because we kill each other for nothing at all. 

When we all come together with one voice, things will start changing for us, but the situation will never change until we change it. Our weapon of choice is our words, but instead of using them for good, we are using them for evil, and because we are so bent on doing what we want, things remain the same.

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