Authoress Chyrel J. Jackson


Chyrel Jackson

Date 12/2/2021

This was the most wonderful author feature I have been fortunate enough to be part of. It was complimentary to the author in every way possible. Wowwww!


Date 12/2/2021 10:14:26 PM

Thank You! We hope we did your feature justice. You are a wonderful person inside and out. Wonderful writer and poet. Keep dreaming big and reaching for the skies. You are highly favored and a living testimony to all who come across a soul such as you. It was an honor. A special thanks to "Design With Nisa" for helping with the Author flyers. Thanks again Chyrel and good luck to you! Help us share our link so we can reach and showcase more talent and inspirations like you. –The Founder

Chyrel Jackson

Date 12/2/2021

I wanted to also thank Design with Nisa for such an outstanding job on the creation of the author flyers. I think everyone has been exceptional in every capacity. Knight Vision has been stellar in showcasing the authors. Thank you all for such an amazing experience and opportunity!!!!

Design with Nisa

Date 12/3/2021

Thank you so much Chyrel Jackson for your compliment. I’m really glad you liked my design. Best of luck with your writing and future endeavors! And I also want to thank Vee to giving me the chance to design the flyer and work on the awesome projects. It’s always great working with such friendly people! ?

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