Dark Haze - The Island | Itm. 2201


The year is 2060, a time after the world had fallen; a time when half the population had disappeared suddenly. Some call it the apocalypse; Christians call this phenomena "The Rapture." These rumors beheld the ones who witnessed the disappearances with their own eyes. Most people were skeptical however, because of what they see now in this present. Computers have evolved into copycats of humans, and the "eye in the sky" is this future's judge, jury,and executioner. The "Order," known as the Bureaucracy of the United Government (BUG) has become the "One World Government" to control this chaos. But, to do so, they've enslaved mankind to his own domain. Dr Curt, an employee of "The Order" has just discovered a secret file in his employer's mainframe computer database, which shocks the doctor's equilibrium to its center core. He is now a fugitive on the run with the classified materials he stole... Ex Police Officer Destyne is also on the run when she tried to assist her longtime colleague and mentor (ignorant to the Doc's cause). ... Both their intentions are o get themselves and family off the island before it's too late. But, are intentions enough? Will they make it? The countdown has already begun. Both their fates dangle on the string of life and death...
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