Food For Thought

The mind is the spirit, the breath is the soul and someone's heart could be made of gold. I see my way clear; I see what is fair, someone is playing scared, someone's playing truth and someone's playing dare. Someone's body is aching, someone's body is cold, someone is also faking and another is getting old. The mind will build you up and sometimes let you down. We think so much of ourselves, that we have self-destructed and it seems as if we will never recuperate. The thing is, we do not want to listen to anyone, because we know it all, but we do not. The truth must be spoken, but will we hear it, or pretend it was not clear? The Bible says, "be quick to hear and slow to speak." This means that we must listen well before we speak so that we will understand completely what is being asked and said, and decide what will be done in the end. Living with disrespect is one of the most deplorable things ever. As men, we have shown a lot of disrespect to our mothers, and to the women, we have come in contact with. The issue today is the way we were raised, and the disrespect that most of our parents have allowed us to get away with, or missed, has led us to lose total respect for ourselves and each other. We need to get this back. There may have been resentment towards our parents and we have not forgiven them for the mistakes they have made towards us. There are even more negative behavioral problems on our part as men, women and most of the time our parents overlook them. Possibly believing, "Oh, it’s just a phase," then this so-called "phase," is now out of hand. They tried to do something about it, but it's already too late. So now, here we are, with this attitude from hell, trying to make it through, but cannot break the spell. We will never kiss and tell, now here we are trying not to fail. As men, we need to show more respect to our women in the things we say and the things we do and in turn, women, we need to understand that accepting disrespect is not becoming of us. Some of the issues today arise because we were never taught how to show respect, so in the process of it all, we show disrespect. It is amazing to see and hear the many women who have claimed to have respect for themselves but do not. How can we have respect for ourselves, when we do not even respect others? We cannot do one without the other. Nevertheless, respect should be learned and earned not only taught. If we show respect for ourselves, then respect will be shown to us. To be called a dog is disrespectful for every race and nationality. It is the ultimate disrespect to be called an animal, but this is the predicament we put ourselves in. Male and female dogs have four legs, so which one are we? Think about this question.–From the book "Words of Encouragement" by C. Robert/Author

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