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Admin August 03, 2022 Post Comments

Our current projects for this month are:

  • Upgrade our website templates to a responsive one that fits all devices and screen sizes
  • Convert our blogs, gallery & store to fit new template
  • We were made aware (not by our friends sadly) that some of our pages were showing distorted on most desktops with wide screens. If you've accessed our website in the past with the blue background theme from a mobile device or tablet, you would not have seen any issues, as the site was optimized for those smaller devices. Unfortunately, for a larger scale device or even rarely, much smaller screens, or older model devices, you would have came across these issues. Please be patient with us as we diligently try to fix these deficiencies. We will post the pages above, that has been converted over to our blog. Please, whether you are a visitor or friend, let us know immediately if you run into any issues we may have missed. Thank You! P.S. While you wait feel free to check out our content in our blog above.

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