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Greetings, this is Vee, founder and owner of KnightVision.Ink. Due to my recent schedule change upcoming, I won't be as active online as before due to new commitments where I will be teaching/instructing several classroom curriculum (Mentors, Role Models, and Self-Development Program Classes to youths and prisoners; Beekeeping Program; Anger Management etc.). I will also be continuing the university degree semester for my Bachelor Degree in Communication (thanks to my Aunt) this upcoming year 2023. I will try to check-in at least 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, and Sat.) Nevertheless, feel free to contact my associates at anytime for assistance if you cannot reach me immediately. Use the messenger box on our HOMEPAGE, or leave a comment on any of our public forum pages.


We understand the struggle each one of us faces and we know how the pandemic has taken a toll on the financial positions. We, at "KnightVision.Ink" are not immune to this life, but through it all, we continue to press forward in hope, inspiration, optimism, and love.

"Every single day we strive to make things a little better in our community and in other people's lives,. If you believe in our notion and have the means to help our dream and inspiration grow, donate any amount today. Your funds will be used to help us maintain this platform and continue to Pay-It-Forward towards those in need. As a generous contributor, you will receive a free gift to show our appreciation and gratitude towards you.”

We are not a company who seeks a popularity contest, but a network community who seeks to emulate that of Christ by spreading love, charity, and hope to all peoples one day at a time. One of the ways we do this is through our website, blog, and services. We've had our own struggles launching our website in 2021. Lost a lot actually and could have given up, but nevertheless we continue on because we believe in the vision that God has bestowed upon us in 2009 to accomplish...

Visit Our DONATION Link to Learn How You Can Help Us Grow.


Greetings! We just wanted to let you know that we have switched community platforms (see below above the comment section). Our new platform you can access by visiting our "SPACES" link in the top menu. For more information on the new changes from our older platform visit our blog post by clinking "COMMUNITY UPDATES 2022-2023". We are currently updating our new community platform with contents from our previous platform as mentioned above as well implementing some changes and additional features as well. Thank You!


We have implemented a new comment section forum at the bottom of each page (see below). This comment box links directly to our "COMMUNITY" Space to keep track of your posts. You can also subscribe to our blog forums to receive the latest updates and news. This comment section is open to all. If you have any public questions for any of our team relevant to their specific pages, please ask them via the comment section so others may be able to get their answers as well. Below is the comment section we were speaking of. If you have a public question relevant to any information on this page, please ask it below. Always be sure to read our "HOUSE RULES" when it comes to posts and making public statements.



Like any apartment, property, home, club, or fraternity there will always be a list of rules 'House Rules.' Below is an unexhaustive list of violations we will not tolerate if you decide to be a member of our domain. This applies to customers and guests visiting our home as well. Anyone found to be guilty of such violations will be automatically banned, and if you are a paying member subscriber you will forfeit the remainder of your dues for the remainder of that subscription month (which ever comes first or applies). As artists and authors, regardless of genre, race, or color, we should respect one another; be one body working to make this world beautiful with our gifts and talents.



We screen all contents published. We are a "Christian Based" platform. Although we respect the genre diversity in style and artistry...in respect to other members, customers, visitors of all ages, and 'Our Home,' should you choose to advertise or post content that "shocks the conscience" of any objective person, or is "highly questionable" it will be removed immediately. If you are an editor or administrator level member, you will have the discretion (if your content is questionable) to set posts or pages 'private' or that can be accessed by visitors, or customers through 'password.' We have set in place a private community "FORUM" specifically set up for members who wish to keep their content private. Please ask the admin for more info. Any person accessing our website are presumed to be 18 years or older or have the permission to register or access our website by a legal parent or guardian. If you are under the age of 18 years of age and do not meet these qualifications, please close this window immediately. Thank You!



Under our roof, every member is entitled to their own opinion, belief and choice. We are not your creators, nor are we the judges of your soul. KVINC holds no bias and discrimination towards any race, nationality, culture, status, sex, color, employer, or preference. KVINC will not tolerate any degradation, bullying, theft, plagiarism, copyright infringements or any such acts by those who are members of our domain. Violators will be evicted after investigation determines you are guilty of such acts 'intentionally.'


We are currently working to integrate Google Pay Check-out. Please check back here for updates when this feature will be available.


Our store is now open at KOBO.COM and ETSY.COM. Additional items will be added soon!


There are times that we may be unavailable to communicate with you by voice on a daily basis due to previous commitments and current orders and services rendered, nevertheless our instant communicator remains available to you 24/7 and 7 days a week. You may access any of our team members through the communicator on our homepage www.knightvision.ink (preferably by WhatsApp). Any other page you encounter, the instant communicator is automated. You can click on the robot icon on this communicator and you will be presented with a list frequently asked questions you can ask our automated system, so that you may get the answers. You can also place custom orders through the communicator as well. Our local address in the USA/RI is a private residence belonging to the founder and his family. Please respect their privacy. The POB address serves as a business hub for US and International correspondents. We are still working on fine-tuning and implementing additional custom features at this time. Our current business number is +1-401-388-0016. You can leave a voice message or simply text us if you prefer. The email to our support center is located in the footer of our pages, along with additional information. +1-401-388-0051 is no longer available. You may also reach our team via "OUR COMMUNITY CENTER".


This policy applies only to work completed in the context of book covers, illustrations, manuscript edits, reviews, publishing, content and blog creations etc...
Our refund policy on services requested by our team are as followed unless otherwise stated on our page(s):

  • After placing your order, you will have (4 hours) to notify us to receive a full refund.
  • Any notification we receive within (8 hours) of your order, you will receive a partial refund.
  • Any notification we receive within (12 hours) of your order will receive no refund.
  • The Seller and Founder reserves the right and discretion to issue any refund requested if more than (12 hours) has past, after placing your order. Always keep your receipt and transaction number available for proof of purchase. You may notify us by email, text, or voice message.


    All our policies and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and additional pages are located via the footer menu of our website.


    We encourage all customers and members to sign-up or register for an account via our "COMMUNITY SPACE". This is an open forum platform where you can post your articles, products, poetry, prose, literature and even speak privately one-on-one with our team. You may access our community space by clicking on the "Spaces" link in our top menu. See you soon! You can sign-up securely using Facebook.com, Linkedin.com, Google.com and any other popular account you already use.


    Reviews are encouraged so that we may know what we can improve on and so others can know what we offer. So if we have done work for you in the past please leave us a review on Google by clicking on this link: GOOGLE REVIEW


    Our raffle money giveaway for the Spotlight has been extended until next year. We have not made the quota of 25 Official Contestants to activate the raffle. Please be sure to share our promotional LINK to encourage more creators to participate.


    Any spelling, grammatical, content, or website errors you may encounter via our website does not reflect out services rendered. All our services comes with unlimited revisions and edits where applicable. Each day we comb over all our pages to make sure all issues are fixed. If you happen to come across any issues we've missed please kindly let us know by sending a text or email to any of the contact info below listing where the issues are. Also, if our website is not showing properly via your device or computer screen, please send us a snap-shot of the webpage. We have recently updated our entire platform to make it more responsive to all devices. We hope this helped.


    We have had a complaint about the check-out box via our website when a customer tries to complete a purchase using PayPal.com. If you experience any similar issues please try checking out via Paypal by using the "Donation Button" or other payment options. Here are additional information on how to use the quick check-out box on our website. Please also note that PayPal charges us a processing fee for using their gateway to receive funds, which depends on the dollar amount, so be sure to adjust your payments to reflect this when checking out, if applicable.

    How To Check-out Using Paypal Below

  • KVI Network Creations: (Enter the Product/Seller Name or Item Identification)
  • USD: (Enter the Total Amount in US Dollars $0.00)
  • Product no: (Enter Invoice number or Product Identifying Number or Item Name Where Applicable

    To locate specific keywords and pages, use the embed Google search box atop each page to find what you are looking for on our entire website platform. To search keywords in specific pages, press "CTRL+F" via your keyboard or access your browser query options from your phone, computer or tablet.


    We have added, and are adding additional books of ours to Google Books Platform. Titles such as: "Visions of Prosetry (added), Poetic Knight (added), Thorns & Roses (added), MidKnight Rendezvous (added), Urban Prose & Short Stories (added), Words Of Encouragement (added), Dark Haze-The Island (added), and A King's Fall (added). Be sure to check that platform for the latest!


    You may visit our newly erected ONLINE STORE by clicking on the "Store" link above. We will continue to add new reads and other features soon! All our e-books comes with a 30 min. refund policy. You will have 30 mins after purchase to request a refund should you change your mind or not pleased with your product. By purchasing our products and services, you are not only helping our community but those in need all over the world. Thank You in advance. Any affiliated products via our store are added with permission of the creator or author, by using our payment gateway the creator receives full royalties and payments for their products and or services.


    We have added a copyright disclaimer and information page. You can access that page at COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER

    Last Upddated: December 14, 2022

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