Insights | MidKnight Rendezvous | Book III
E-book no: 001- 244. Book also included in Collector's Edition of "Visions of Prosetry" E-book no. 001-246-646. Original Cover by Vee Nelly | Secondary Cover by Nisa. Genre: Romance, Adult Situations, Fantasy, Thriller, Relationships, Poetry, Prose, Urban.

Reader Discretion is advised | Not Suitable for children.

Book III: MidKnight Rendezvous

MidKnight Rendezvous is a sequel to the Story Prose “Knock, Knock” found in the first book "Poetic Knight". This book is a thrilling romance and fantasy with a tasteful hint of erotica. In other words, this book awakens the reader’s imaginations specific to oneself in how far you want to cross the line of ecstasy. With the two main characters being from completely different realms, the level of excitement is unparalleled. While one Being is from an earthly realm, the other is from the spiritual realm where time does not exist. One soul was desperately trapped in an abusive relationship that was heading down a path of immense danger until the other came along. Neither Being was prepared for what came next. Neither Being knew that lurking within the cage of their very existence was a creature that lay dormant for a very long time. That is, until now. Two beings from different worlds find each other by fate. Read on to find out the profound impact of the meeting between these two Beings.

–MidKnight Rendezvous

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