Insights | Thorns & Roses | Book II
E-book no: 001- 245. Book also included in Collector's Edition of "Visions of Prosetry" E-book no. 001-246-646. Original Cover by Vee Nelly | Second Cover Edition by Nisa. Genre: Relationships, Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Urban

Book II: Thorns & Roses

This book is dedicated to the ups and downs of relationships. The inspiration for the book title was based on the fact that most people forget that roses (one of the most popular flowers today) naturally come with thorns on their stems. When holding onto a rose, stemming through hurt and pain, we can still find the sweet-smelling aroma of love that symbolizes the rosebuds and petals in its natural element. So a rose traditionally symbolizes love, right? There will always be love and heartaches (thorns and rose petals). Moreover, when you buy roses, they don’t tend to last very long, especially when they are clipped and shaved, separated from their root, soil, and nourishment.

These were old poem compositions I wrote between the years 2001-2004. They were like my secret diary of events hidden in the poems I experienced. So, enjoy the book, and hopefully, you will relate to and find comfort in the many ups and downs in relationships. However bad relationships are, it is only for a time. Things do get better, and each time we must learn and grow from our past relationships. Before jumping into a new relationship, we must also remember that we must take time to heal and reflect on what went wrong and not point the finger only at the other person. The problem might just be you. 

Ever wonder why our relationships always fail and don’t last very long? Like every flower or plant, there needs to be soil, water, sun, and nourishment to survive. Love can be an analogy as needing these elements to grow and survive. Don’t you agree?

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