Insights | Poetic Knight | Book I
Genre: Romance, Urban, Short Stories, Prose, Poetry. Written between 2016-2019. E-book no: 001-243. Book also included in Collector's Edition of, Visions of Prosetry E-book Cover Edition nos: 001-246-646. Original Cover "Poetic Knight" Designed by Vee Nelly | Secondary Cover by Nisa.

Book I: Poetic Knight

Here are several pieces of the compositions created in this book between 2016 through 2019. Each piece is unique and beautifully complements the other. I have provided some background on how these pieces came to be. Please take them into consideration while you read my book.


This poem was one of the first poems I had created in many years. A stranger approached me and asked me to help him write a poem for his future fiancé. He was looking to propose to her and wanted to write her a poem. I was startled as to how he knew that I wrote poetry. He couldn’t have known, and he didn’t know. Nevertheless, he completely trusted me, and I asked him to describe her and their relationship briefly. From there, I rose to the challenge. Within a couple of minutes, I drafted a beautiful piece describing their love and relationship.


This poem is dedicated to women who feel unattractive due to the unfair societal standards set for them. I want to point out that women do not need to be thin, curvy, and tall like a supermodel to be beautiful. There are still gentlemen out there who see with spiritual eyes (most are God-fearing Men) where they behold beauty from women based on treasures within. Like women, some of the best books ever composed or read may have had the ugliest, torn, or most boring covers. The same goes for movies or songs. Their titles can be simple and misleading, but when you get past that outer shell and listen to the words or message, they remind us each time that we are never to judge a book by its cover.

So Ladies, remember if you feel on the outside that you are unattractive because you are not like the other women. Please erase those stigmas from your mind. “I See You,” and all the real men out there see you as well. Keep being yourself and be confident in who you are. This is a turn-on for many men; “Confidence in whom and what you have to offer within your soul.”

Remember also, God the Master Author and Finisher of all things created you in His Own Image. And whatever cover God placed on you is unique and purposeful to what He has written about you in His Book called your Soul. You are indeed beautiful.

I believe that an Author should be confident in his work and what they offer in a book. They do not have to spend more time on the cover to make it flashy and appealing to capture his audience to read his book. Most times, the cover can be so striking but what the book offers is disappointing.


Whether physically, verbally, emotionally, spiritually. Abuse is abuse.

This poem is a message to anyone in an abusive relationship who wants to get out of it but contemplates staying and trying to work things out for specific reasons. Maybe you are simply scared to leave. I was in an abusive relationship and made many excuses for staying. (yes, men get abused too.) I kept giving this person chances upon chances to change because of love, but I ultimately ended up hurt. Lies, deception, and manipulation are common themes in abusive relationships that lead to mental health issues. Don’t wait until the relationship is toxic. If someone abuses you even once, chances are, they will do it again and again and again.

While I believe people can change, they have to want to change for themselves. There is no point in running the risk of sticking around while they claim to change for you. If they do not want to change on their own, news flash, they won’t. You need to leave the relationship immediately. If they are the person you are meant to be with, they will work on themselves to be better for themselves and you. “One never misses the water until the well runs dry.”

Bottom line

Don’t make excuses for anyone, especially an abuser, if someone puts their hands on you. This should be the wind, flag, and sail to your ship, to sail far, far away from that person. We should respect ourselves enough to design strict rules and “No-no’s” that we must adhere to without delay. It will save us many years of misery.

Have you ever given other abuse victims advice to get out of those relationships and never take your advice? I know I have. Don’t wait until it is too late. It may cost you your life. Oh, and remember, an “EX” means exactly what it signifies, a “Strikeout”.


This poem is one of my favorites because it was an experiment gone right!

There is an unexpected twist towards the end, so make sure to keep a close eye out. If you enjoyed reading this poem, check out the sequel: “Visions Of the Knight: MidKnight Rendezvous.”


This poem was created for a woman who was going into surgery. She was a bit scared and nervous about the procedure. Although I only knew her for a short time, I understood the importance of comforting her, and I wrote this piece to encourage her through her time of need. She kept it beside her hospital bed the whole time and reread it for encouragement.

I’ve also rewritten it as a “Get Well Card” for a man who got into a life-threatening car accident. His co-workers and friends signed the card, and with their encouragement, the man completely recovered. (Poem not included in second edition)

I believe these poems are indeed unique. They all have facts and truth to them, and hopefully, you will be able to enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. They are all, in a sense, my motivation to be an encouragement and inspiration to others.

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