KVI "We Unite" Donation Fund

Why We Need Donations

We understand the struggle each and everyone of us has to deal in the world today. We also understand the current pandemic that makes life and financial hardship even harder. We, at "KnightVision.Ink" are not immune to this life, but through it all, we continue to press forward in hope, inspiration, optimism, and love.

We are not a company who seeks a popularity contest, but a network community who seeks to emulate that of Christ by spreading love, charity, and hope to all peoples one day at a time. One of the ways we do this is through our website, blog, and services. We've had our own struggles launching our website in 2021. Lost a lot actually and could have given up, but nevertheless we continue on because we believe in the vision that God has bestowed upon us in 2009 to accomplish. "God's Word Never Return To Us Void; It Goes Out To Accomplish Exactly What It Was Meant To Accomplish...Amen."

The Founder of our website is a prideful man. He dislikes begging, and still struggles with asking for help. Ironically, his soul is far from prideful in that sense. He is a giver, he loves to help and encourage others. I've even witnessed him give his very last to help another. There is sense of naivety to him, to always want to rescue, but never one to take.

We are also a volunteer community, using our books and the sales we receive to bring you deep discounts and freebies. Every single day we strive to make things a little better in our community, other people's lives, and our website. If you have the means to help our dream and inspiration grow, donate any amount today. Your funds will be used to help us maintain this platform and continue to "Pay-It-Forward" towards those in need. As a generous contributor, you will receive a free gift to let you know we appreciate and love you.

Thank you for taking the time to read these words, most of all, for understanding.

Sincerely, Yours
Wanda, Site Director


For all International Submissions, you have the option of donating using the "Stripe Payment Check-out Gateway" or you can send your payments to our commercial bank using "ACH Money Transfer." Click on the "Payment Overview Button" below to learn more. Thank You!