Life is a Roller Coaster
You sit in one place relaxed and calmed and think back to all those times when you thought you would never make it. But here you are all relieved and peaceful, reminiscing the time when life was too tough for you to take. 

Life is unpredictable. One moment will have you screaming for breath, and the one right after that will have you jumping with joy. You can never really know what awaits you and that is the beauty of life. You can’t see your misery floating away and your smile coming back. However, the one thing that you can definitely be certain about is that nothing is permanent. You will not cheer up with joy forever nor will you cry in agony eternally because there will always be an end; an end that will engender a new start, hopefully a better one than before. This too shall pass If you begin to regard your share of problems as an inevitable part of life, it’ll get easier for you to cope with them by the day. The tighter you hold on to your past, the harder it gets for you to move on. This is because you deal with your problem as the ‘owner’ of your life that’s meant to stay permanently. When in reality, it’s a ‘guest’ that will depart one day or the other. 

The sooner you embrace their presence, the easier it will get to deal with them. Whenever life unloads an unbearable set of agony on you, remember that this too shall pass. You just need to get through it and learn as much as you can. However, when life hits you with a myriad of happiness and joy, live to your fullest because this very moment that you cannot stop smiling in, will also come to an end. Embrace your past rather than clinging to it It is all a matter of time until you are presented with a new beginning. When life gives you an opportunity to restart, seize it. By seize, I don’t just mean move on; I also mean quit letting your past from keeping you to explore what awaits you. Your past is gone. You cannot undo it now, can you? Clinging to it will do you no good but keep you from living a happy life. The best way to supersede your past is to learn from it and apply those lessons in the new beginnings you’ve been presented with. The moment you escape your ‘denial’ phase, things gradually begin to make sense. You will slowly learn to be happy again and carry that smile everywhere you go. It’ll be harder in the first few days, but as you walk the path of acceptance, you’ll eventually notice the difference in your life.

How to Live a Happy Life?

Like the title says, life is like a roller coaster. There are highs and there are lows. There can come an incessant trail of highs that might compel you to forget about the lows and just let go of the handle; the one that protected you. So, when the low came, you fell off the coaster onto the ground and hurt yourself. If you had seen the fall coming, you would have been more careful and tightened your grip on the handle. 

Life does not stop for anyone just as a roller coaster doesn’t. Therefore, make arrangements beforehand. Deal with your lows as expected guests, so you’re all prepared when they arrive. Another way to think about it could be the way you feel about your ride; one that symbolizes your life. You cannot control the amount and intensity of your ups and downs, but what is certainly in your hands is the way you feel about it. You have the power to tweak your perceptions into believing that whatever happened had a positive effect on you. Mould your thoughts in a way that when they surface as emotions, you are fully satisfied. 

On a roller coaster, you can choose to cheer in joy or scream in fear whenever the coaster takes a turn. Think of your lows as a mere obstacle between you and your happiness that awaits you. And when you finally reach the end of your misery, remember to learn from it for minimal inconveniences in the future.

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