Love Destruct

Alright ladies and gentlemen. For the grown and mature–the busybodies and gossip-lovers. Here is something steamy that will leave you wanting to find out: What the Heck Happens Next?
But first...

The following excerpt from my book, "Visions of Prosetry–Dark Venom" was inspired by true events. I plead the 5th, refusing to confirm or deny, although accurately illustrated, that the events described within are actually my own, or someone else's. Wouldn't you like to know?

The 'take-away' of this short-story summarizes that when Love is applied the wrong way, it can be very destructive. So destructive that it will paralyze every fiber of your body and soul.

Everyone has their own unique explanation of what this feeling could be compared to.

If you have been down the road of love and passions, then you should be familiar with its cousin: lust. Whatever the application, we all have lusted after something whether materialistically, or spiritually. Those of us who have tasted its fruit know too well that the more this flame is fed, the bigger it becomes. Lust consumes us by burying its nasty barbs and tentacles into our very flesh and soul.

Isn't it incredible when all previous events leave you in disaster at the end of the day, you're sitting there reflecting back on what went wrong, and how you fell so low to the point of loosing everything, including your sanity? Suddenly after the enchantment wore off, you begin to see things clearly, but it ended up being too late?

"What in the world was I thinking?"
"What in the world got into me?"
"No, No, that does not sound like me."
"Really, I did that–allowed that to happen?"

I know I've been down that road before on many occasions. I smile today as I think about another illustration when I previously said 'on many occasions'. Some would ask, "Didn't you learn your lesson the first time?" Well, the answer is yes but... Okay, hear me out. Have you ever drank so much alcohol at a party that left you dazed, confused, and blank? Then you finally came to, pouring your innards into a toilet bowl? What goes through your mind at that exact moment? "Help Me God! I will never do this ever again! This is the last time!" Then after some 'time' you find yourself in the same position like the previous, repeating the same mantra? LOL.

Let me be clear–I'm no alcoholic and neither do I endorse this. It took me three times in my life to finally realize that I was indeed a lightweight when it came to liquor consumption. Those days have been over for me more than a decade ago.

What can I say? Love is indeed "Complicated" in Word, Feeling, and Action.


Heat. Lightening. Sweet. Poison.
Who would have known that it would come to this?
That his life would have been destroyed.
Now he's sitting in a mental prison.
"Am I crazy? Am I a magnet that attracts the insane?"
Or deep down, this is what he truly admired, longed for,
The strength of a dominatrix.

Heat. Lightening. Sweet. Poison.
Mind to mind, they never got along.
Communication and trust were out the window from day one.
They were Mars and Venus, a contrast between the Sun and Moon.
But what she did with her lips, those jaws of life between her hips.
Extraordinary! He had to admit.

The way she rode his rollercoaster.
Afro Medusa, he looks at her, turning his body rigid and stiff, he becomes stone.
Mounting her ride slowly, hands gripping, chest plate, bloodlust, she hypnotizes his soul reaver.
Grinding him slowly at first, round and around, up and down.
She used his magical whisk to churn him into butter.
But he melted.
Where in the world did I ever find this chick?

Heat. Lightening. Sweet. Poison.
When they first met, the signs, red flags were not hard to miss.
A materialistic Diva, his very first, came with no instructions.
He should have bought rechargeable batteries.
Maybe a plug-in adapter.
Burning through so much..."

–Read the rest of this story in my book Visions of Prosetry.

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