MidKnight Rendezvous | Itm. 244


Original cover by Vee Nelly Subsequent cover (itm. 002-244) by Designer Nisa


    Relationships, Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-fi, Poetry, Prose, Urban
    Intended Audience: Adult Married Couples (Mild Erotica)
    Not Suitable for Children Under 18 of Age
    Written between 2001-2004
    E-book no. 001-244

Book III: MidKnight Rendezvous

MidKnight Rendezvous is a sequel to the Story Prose “Knock, Knock” found in the first book of the Poetic Knight series. This book is a thrilling romance and fantasy with a tasteful hint of erotica. In other words, this book awakens the reader’s imaginations specific to oneself in how far you want to cross the line of ecstasy. With the two main characters being from completely different realms, the level of excitement is unparalleled. While one Being is from an earthly realm, the other is from the spiritual realm where time does not exists. One soul was desperately trapped in an abusive relationship that was heading down a path of immense danger until the other came along. Neither Being was prepared for what came next. Neither Being knew that lurking within the cage of their very existence was a creature that lay dormant for a very long time. That is, until now. Two beings from different worlds find each other by fate. Read on to find out the profound impact of the meeting between these two Beings in



The above song coupled with the music video by the artist Avant
inspired this book amongst other musical artists who inspired the
remainder of the episodes within.

Well, how do I describe this book and my Bachelor Degree in Theology.
Most would say that Erotica and God does not mix. True as it may
seem, the question to the author (Vee) should be,
"What was the author's motive and intent for writing this book?"
I can answer this question easily. I originally wrote this story between
2001-2004 for my (now) ex-wife while deployed overseas,
and recently edited it for publishing many years later.
I didn't obtained my degree until 2021.

Nevertheless however,
"I believe in "Marriage first and foremost," and that in a married
couple relationship, romance and love-making is not all bad, but it
depends on how you use the "tools" of your "Love" and "Intimacy"
towards your husband or wife that which determines whether it is considered
bad or good in the eyes of God."

A Simple Analogy

"A hammer can be used for good to build a house, and in contrast,
it can
be used to destroy the windows of the very same house."

Get it!

Many might find this book offensive. As a reminded, this book is intended for the Married Audience.

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