Never Giving Up!
I may have fallen in the dirt but at least I still have my self-worth. It's hard to see these tears, but I'm willing to show my fears. So, I stand in between this light, where it's hard to see my struggle and this fight. 

You will never get me down because I am more positive than this clown. My heart is breaking, but these words will never be forgotten.

See, I look at things in threes: I look at things with logic and sympathize with those that are destitute and live their lives in the projects. 

It's a struggle to take care of me and to take care of my family. I will not lay dead and will not let anyone take advantage of me. For I was born a man, and it is within God's plan to be taken care of. So, I go through this life with "me, myself, and my struggles."

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