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How to Use Our Store


Greetings, my name is Todd, and I am the Sales Manager at KVI Network Creations. Today, I will give you some quick and easy tips on how to use our store check-out cart option. The process is really simple! But before we get started, please be sure to read our "Policies".

Excellent! Now that is out of the way, let us continue...

Step One

Browse through our website amongst the many products and services.

  • a. Services

    1. After placing your Appointment or Service Order with us and the service you want us to provide, you will have various options to choose from to pay. We accept all credit cards (CC), ACH payments, checks, and money orders. See the custom payment option below. You may choose to use the "Buy Now Box" in our product store to check out which will take you through our payment gateway "PayPal.com" where we accept "CC" types. If you choose to use another 3rd Party Gateway service like, Cashapp, Stripe, ACH Payments, Check, Money Order, Cash, etc..., we have made these options conveniently for you under the "No Purchase Necessary" button option while checking out. You can pay for your service by clicking the button of your choice; returning here, choosing this option to complete the transaction. After your transaction is completed, you will receive an email with your receipt and transaction number (proof of Purchase). Be sure to check your Spam folder in case you did not receive one. If you register for an account with us, you will be able to view your transaction history and other important features relevant to you.

  • b. Products

    2. If you see a product you like, just click add to cart. Once you add the item(s) to your shopping cart, just click "Check Out" and choose your payment method. Please Note: You will find that we also sell other affiliate Seller products within our store catalog. At Check Out, each Seller will have their own special labeled "Payment Button" Gateway (where applicable) in which you can choose to pay them directly for their product on their product page.<

    3. Delivery times may vary (on print or physical items) and depends on where you are in the world.

    Local shipping usually takes 1-3 days.

    As soon as payment is confirmed, your order will be delivered. In rare cases, it may take 12-48 hours or more for your (virtual or digital) item to be delivered depending on the type or service or product ordered; when the service or product was ordered, and or if we are experiencing a high volume of orders to fill. We thank you in advance for your patience during these rare occasions.

    Step Two

  • Refunds

    4. Pursuant any digital media orders (which usually does not qualify for a refund) we reserve the right and discretion to issue full or partial refunds, and or exchanges. For refunds on any services rendered, please refer back to the "FAQs".

    Sincerely Yours,
    Todd /Sales Manager
    KVI Net. Creations
    West Warwick, RI 02863









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