"KnightVision.Ink" aims to encourage and inspire people in mind, body, soul, and spirit. We, at KnightVision.Ink believes that every person who assumes the label: "Author" or "Artist" is a part of a unique community that shapes the world every day, and we as that community should look out for each other as brothers and sisters. If you believe in our vision, join our community today. Authors, "TC Neville Sr | Véé Nelly," a Combat Veteran (Modern-day Knight), A Visionary, Inspirational Writer, and Selfpublisher of 2019–Visions to one day spread inspirations, stories, and his works throughout the world, and help to encourage other artists to share their art, whether it be in Music, Graphic Designs, Sculpturing, Stitching, Journaling, Compositions, Prose, or Poetry (any genre that falls under these categories) with the public as well. Our platform is created for any and all respective talents and Artists who would love to connect with each other and share their unique talents and stories. We are not limiting our platform to just  books and publishing, but hope to expand in the near future with various genres of products and services. If you are interested in joining us, you may sign-up for an account via our platform, or subscribe to our blog today.–Founder

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