Perfection is a lifetime of do's and don'ts where decisions are made to do everything right. But of course, there would be faults that are unaccounted for. We are not robots but genuine human beings who make mistakes to the point where it seems horrific. 

The way the world views us is that we are holier than thou; meaning we never make any mistakes; but the truth is, we do. We must not allow this to get us to the point of no return. 
The fact that we are Christians, it seems the world believes that we should not mess up, but that is so far from the truth. We are mere mortals, created by God's divine power, but did he make us perfect? Yes! But we must not forget the fall of Adam. 

Until we realize that we can fall just like anyone, we will always think we are only made perfect, but an ideal man or woman in his or her natural state does sin. 

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