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Adding Your Products to Our Catalog




Can I advertise and sell my Products: Music, Clothes, Designs, Art, Etc.. on your platform? How much is the cost to do so?


Yes you can add your Product(s) to our shop library. This includes any Product where applicable to your needs. The below mentioned are interchangeable and applies to any Product not limited to only Books. Certain PRODUCTS may require a higher initial fee and additional taxes and fees. Here are the FAQs and requirements as it relates to e-products/media.


Based upon feedback and questions posed to us, we have decided to rewrite these instructions to make it easier to understand.

We have 3 options to choose from when adding your Product to our catalog:

Basic Package

  • Product Redirect Link Option (PRLO):-
    You submit the basic details of your Product, (picture, short description, price, features, external link to your Product, etc...) we add your Product to our catalog shelf and the link that takes the visitor directly to your Product via your page whether it be on Amazon or your personal page.

  • Standard Package

  • My Product Payment Gateway Option (MPGO):-
    This option is like the "PRLO" where you submit your Product information and the link where you would like to have your customers pay for your Product directly from our store page. Instead of rerouting them to your personal page as referenced above, they can check out via your private payment gateway whether it be $Cashapp, $Paypal, etc... This benefit is for those who do not have a personal webpage store but rather the customer pay them directly using your own payment links on our platform.

  • Premium Package

  • KVI Product Payment Gateway Option (KPGO):-
    This option is where you will use the full benefits of our available payment gateway to have your buyers purchase your Product(s) directly through us. By choosing this option, it comes with many perks and features, unlike the above options that do not (since you will be handling your business through another 3rd party medium). Contact us to inquire about the benefits if interested in this option. Payouts will be sent to your bank or cash account twice a month or on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

    Our original post listed that the cost for "MPGO" was $10.00 and the cost for "KPGO" was $5.00, which we stated was in the form of a deposit. This initial fee is more like a setup fee for using our platform. Of course we need to maintain our website and pay for extra upgrades. We said "deposit" because we know that people tend to change their minds often. Usually when we set these things up it takes time and work to do so and then to have someone cancel... Well you get the idea. So here is the break down on cost.



    The cost to use "Your Own Payment Gateway" to receive payment is $10.00 initial payment (deposit), This $10.00 setup fee includes the price of your unique GTIN/UPC Product bar-code number which we will assign to your Product. If you choose to cancel after your initial setup fee, you will have 7 business days to cancel or before your Product page goes live. We will notify you before making your page live. We must receive your request to cancel by email on the 7th day after your initial setup fee at (See contact links above). You will be refunded your initial fee minus the cost of the Product bar-code number which once assigned to your Product title cannot be used on any other Product. You keep this bar-code forever and can use it on any other platform you choose related to your Product. The bar-codes are non-refundable.


    The cost to use "KVI NETWORK CREATIONS" payment gateway to receive payment is $5.00 initial payment, and $1.00 (tax and fees we will deduct) per every sale made for your Product on our platform. This $5.00 initial fee (deposit) does not include the price of your unique GTIN/UPC (Product bar-code number). If you choose to cancel after your initial payment, you will have 3 business days to cancel or before your Product page goes live. We must receive your request by email on the 3rd day after your initial payment at (See contact links above). You will be refunded your full initial payment of $5.00 if you qualify. The GTIN/UPC Bar-code price is optional and separate from this package.

  • If you should provide us your own qualified GTIN/UPC/ISBN number we will need proof of purchase (where applicable) and or written statement that the Bar-code actually belongs to you and not another Product or person. Our issued Product bar-code numbers can be scanned and used anywhere in the world and links to our store and your Product or Product link. Having your own GTIN/UPC/ISBN number does not waive any portion of fees required above.

    Prices and fees are separate for each Product you choose to add. The same terms regarding refunds and cancellations; regarding Product Bar-code assignment applies to each individual submission.


    There are 3 ways you can register for an account with us, and all this is based on the option you choose above. If you did not choose the "Premium Package" option above, registration is optional. If you did choose the "KPGO" option then you are required to register by following these links:

    You can read more about the affiliate program terms and how you are paid during signup process.

    This is optional, but either credentials should get you into both accounts.
  • After signing up for an account, we will be notified; we will then use your credentials to set you up with a "Sales Account" (SA) to access your Product and other features. We will create you an account and send you the request to the email you used to register so that you can personalize your log-in access and password. We advise you to take advantage of the two-way authentication and additional security options to protect your account.

    Please allow us time to review your application request and respond. Signing up for an account does not guarantee approval or access, as we have the right to screen, accept, or deny access to any user. If you are not approved, we will gladly refund your money.


    By adding your Product to our library comes with numerous mutual benefits and discounts too numerous to list relevant all your needs, advertisements and promotions. Contact us for more details. Please be advised that we are adding features and upgrades constantly. If you opted for the "Premium Package" and do not cancel within 3 days, we will create and design a spotlight showcase for you and your Product to advertise anywhere you like. You will also receive 25% off any of our publishing services we offer via our website. We also provide access to 24/7 live customer service via account access (Premium Package) and an unlimited database full of Self-Help information. By referring others to us and generating new qualified leads and signups, you will also receive free gifts and perks (contact us for details).


    There is no catch. We are a new domain built from the ground up, that was established in 2021, and we are only looking to expand by offering mutual benefits and services through networking with other creators and entrepreneurs like you.

    Unlike other Product platforms we add your Product and details to our library free of charge (we do all the work). You get 100% full royalties for your Product and we only charge you for taxes and fees if you use our store payment gateway. We are required to pay taxes at the end of the year and we need support to help us continue to provide you with services and deals; and to help maintain the website. Feel free to help us by contribution through donation.

    Prices and fees are subject to change at anytime. If you are a current subscriber to our "Premium Package," your subscription does not change. All new submissions thereafter - all changes will be in effect.


    We accept all forms of Credit Card (CC) payments, including ACH (US and Intl. Sales), Check, Money Orders, and the popular gateway services provided through $Cashapp, $Paypal, and (US and Intl. Sales)


    The following describes how to submit your book, but you can follow the same format and parameters to submit other PRODUCTS as well.


    Product Details

    We require the following info about your Product:
  • Photo of your Product (Front and Back),
  • Product Title, Description, Author Name, Publishing date, Genre, Keyword Tags,
  • Retail Price, Selling Price, Sale Price,
  • Format of your Product (.PDF, .DOCX, .MOBI, .EPUB...) and

  • Any other details you wish to add to your Product page. If you have an ISBN# you may submit all this information through our:
  • "Contact Us" form as attachments.

  • By submission, you are agreeing that you have read all terms and policies of this website platform at KVI NETWORK CREATIONS
  • You acknowledge that we have the right to refuse, limit access, or do business with any person or entity who violates or does not abide by our policies and terms, or based upon the level of interaction to the site.
  • To read our current policies: See the footer of this website

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