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Spotlight Event

I.When you submit your qualified entry form, you will be given a secure chat link via our platform where you will be linked in one-on-one with the design team to keep track of progress. This chat is only to be used to discuss the design showcase process only. Do not discuss payment or other personal information outside the parameter of your showcase designs. Any other questions needs to be forwarded to the founder via WhatsApp at +1 (401) 388-0016 or by email. Protecting your privacy and information is our number one priority.

II.Business and payments are to only be conducted within the confines of KVI Network Creations to protect the Client and Seller. By submission you are agreeing that you have read all terms and policies and will abide by them.

III.By submitting your qualified entry, we will design a beautiful showcase to capture your audience and you will have access to additional specials and discounts from our network. We will advertise your showcase on all our social media profiles and affiliates for the life of our website. By donating $25.00 or more, you will qualify to add your product to our store catalog, receive a free bar-code product GTIN# that is yours to keep forever, receive a personalized designed page, free QR-Code tags to your links and products, among other goodies. Contact us to learn more about your specific situation.

IV.The majority of the showcases on our website were redesigned from a previous event back in 2019-2020 at no cost to the Authors. If you are of those previous showcases, you may leave your reviews and ratings with us, or say thank you through donation. Any updates you would love to add since we last interviewed, you may add them in the comment section of your showcase on our Blogs. To qualify for the raffle and a chance to win the cash prize showcase, the entry fee is required only.

V.Always be sure to read our "Terms & Condition Policies" located at the bottom menu of the screen on our website

VI.Our Bookstore is another avenue you can use to enter into the raffle by purchasing any of these qualified books:

  • Visions of Prosetry,
  • A King's Fall,
  • Dark Haze, or
  • Words Of Encouragement.
  • You can access our storefront by clicking store or footer menu "books".

    VII.All Participants Must Register For An"Account". If you decide to show your appreciation through donations, use the Donation page in our menu tabs, or submit payment via our payment center via website. Your Donation entry fee will go towards our KVI "We Unite" Fund for new Authors, Writers, Founders, Volunteers. Not limited to volunteer and discount work, but to help give back to the community and others in need. To accomplish all this, we hope with your help to expand our platform in the future to bring you more prizes like this one.

    VIII.Before this drawing is officially activated, 25 Confirmed and Qualified Submissions must be made before the deadline of June 30th, 2022 (Now Extended Through the End of the Year 2022 (March 2023)). If we do not meet the quota, we will continue to extend the deadline until we do. Our total showcase values at $175.00, so be sure to share our links to as many people you know so we can commence the raffle.

    IX.Payouts will be made using the gateways: $CashApp, $PayPal, Prepaid or Gift Cards. If you are an International Submission, your payouts will be made through $ (an affiliate of $PayPal), or $Western Union. All winners will be responsible for processing fees (where applicable) to receive their cash prizes. You may also opt-in to use your winnings towards one of our products or services.

    X.We have added to our team of creators additional Graphic Designers | Content Writers | Illustrators. This Event will give, not only our Content Creators and Illustrators a time to shine with their works, but you in the Spotlight as well. If you are a designer and would love to design your own spotlight template, or HTML code, you are welcome to do so. Submit them along with your form by using any of the apps or links on our platform

    XI.See our FAQs section in the menu on our website to learn more. Thank you in advance for your submissions and we hope you are the lucky winner. Please be sure to subscribe to receive the latest updates.

    We understand the current pandemics in the world and other happenings out there in our personal lives, we are experiencing this as well. Nevertheless, we are doing what we are led to do by "Paying-It-Forward," giving new creators, writers, and founders a chance to have a little help, whether it be the advertising of their new business venture, or a little cash in their pockets. Whatever the circumstance, we hope we are showing the symbol of a universal kind of love that holds no barriers.

  • Current Showcase: Click Here
  • Qualified Entries: Click Here
  • Be sure to always leave us a rating or review by clicking the Ratings & Review tabs on our website or "Leave a Review" link located in our bottom menu section.

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