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Writers & Poets Unite


Calls For Submissions

KVI Network Creations SEP 25, 2022 Post Comments

Last we posted this page, it has came to our attention that we had some issues in the coding where some links were inaccessible. That issue has been corrected. We apologies for any issues.


All Prose, Poetry, Short Stories & Genres are welcomed and not limited to: Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Spiritual, Suspense, Crime, Thrillers, Supernatural, Paranormal, Non-fiction/ Fiction...

Our Goal

Greetings! This is Vee, the founder of KnightVision.Ink. If you are not aware, we are a relatively new domain who seeks to expand our brand and services in the future as well build a network of like-minded and beautiful souls such as ours. In order for us to do this, we would love for you, our fellow writers and unique storytellers, to share a piece of your culture, background, and style in written word (we welcome all culture, creativity, and diversity).

To view some of our submissions click on "Prose" under the category section above

Self-publishing books are a lot of work and most times very expensive, but its not all bad in the end. But still, most of us would rather not take this path, but that's okay. You can still be publicly noticed for your works outside of being a published book author. If this sounds less stressful then this is the place you can get started and we would love to get the opportunity to showcase your unique talent. This domain was created as a means to network and share art and creativity (with a few mutual benefits included).

The Cost of All This?

The Cost to submit is free. If you would love to show your support or say thank you through donations, you may do so by link below.

Make A Donation

How Do I Submit?

If you would love to showcase your original written literature on our platform you may do so by clicking on the "Send Submission" button below.

Here is a list of what will be required along with your entry:

  • Your Name/Alias
  • Bio Pic (optional)
  • A Brief Bio About Yourself and Works
  • Original Author or Creator of Submission
  • Email Address
  • Area, State, Location
  • Your Age
  • Title of Your Work
  • Genre | Topic
  • Word Count
  • Copyright free picture link for your works that will be use as a blog/story cover
    (Free Photos at Pixabay.com, etc...).
  • You may also provide your social media tags or website address if you have one so we may share with viewers.
    You can follow us through social media links below.
  • Don't Feel Like Writing?

    If you are not really into writing, but prefer to send us an audio voice recording or a short video of you reciting your spoken word, please provide the link(s) along with the requirements above (where applicable).

    Enter Submissions

    Additional Information

    For additional info and specials regarding this page, please visit our FAQs center or follow the link below

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