“Visions of Prosetry by Vèè Nelly is a colourful collection of short stories and poetry. Nelly combines these forms of storytelling to weave an illustrative tale of life and love. Readers can expect to be enchanted by an assortment of stories that include romance, fantasy, supernatural, and even thrillers. This book is a relatively short read, and the prose is expressed poetically. This means that the book can also provide a good introduction to readers who wish to start reading poetry, or prose that is slightly more artistic.


Cover Edition 001-646 by Nisa; Genre: Romance, Urban, Short Stories, Prose, Poetry, Suspense, Romance, Crime, Supernatural, Fantasy … ;Collector Edition; Includes the books: ‘Poetic Knight, Thorns & Roses, MidKnight Rendezvous, Urban Prose & Short Stories’; Color PDF, 260 Pages; Working TOC; Instant Download After Purchase; Money Back Guaranteed (30 mins after download).



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