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“Visions of Prosetry by Vèè Nelly is a colourful collection of short stories and poetry. Nelly combines these forms of storytelling to weave an illustrative tale of life and love. Readers can expect to be enchanted by an assortment of stories that include romance, fantasy, supernatural, and even thrillers. This book is a relatively short read, and the prose is expressed poetically. This means that the book can also provide a good introduction to readers who wish to start reading poetry, or prose that is slightly more artistic.


Cover Edition 001-246 by Nisa; Genre: Romance, Urban, Short Stories, Prose, Poetry, Suspense, Romance, Crime, Supernatural, Fantasy … ;Collector Edition; Includes the books: ‘Poetic Knight, Thorns & Roses, MidKnight Rendezvous, Urban Prose & Short Stories’; Color PDF, 260 Pages; Working TOC; Instant Download After Purchase; Money Back Guaranteed (30 mins after download).


9 reviews for VISIONS OF PROSETRY 001-246

  1. Bene

    Bene: I am a proud owner of …”Midknight Rendezvous, Thorns & Roses.” …. I am even more proud to call the author (TC Neville SR | Vee Nelly) of these MUST READ BOOKS a personal friend. I understand not many have this privilege. By reading this amazing man’s work, you are given a look inside at his thinking. An insight into not only love, but life as it pertains to him, and so much more. You’re not just reading a story, your reading into the man himself…★★★★★

  2. Alissa

    Alissa: “Midknight Rendezvous” Can’t wait for this book to come available. ★★★★★

  3. Joanne

    Joanne: “Poetic Knight, Thorns & Roses, Midknight Rendezvous.” I enjoy reading them. You sure know how to spin your words to make a woman feel… ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Lepe

    Lepé: “Poetic Knight, Thorns & Roses, Midnight Rendezvous.” Never realized how much talent you really had. ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Mayo

    Mayo:“Poetic Knight” I actually copied some of your work to give me ideas, and to share with my Wife, hope you didn’t mind. Lol★★★★★

  6. Katrina

    “MidKnight Rendezvous”
    5 out of 5 Stars
    “Excellent Book!!!”
    “Captivating…Entertaining… Beautifully Written… Painted the Pictures Perfectly…Favorites: “Butterfly Tattoo, Mirror Trap, Monster Fiend, and Liquid. I’m a fan of your work.”
    Katrina Black Butterfli Sept. 2020/

  7. Chyrel J. Jackson

    Authoress Chyrel J. Jackson – 2021-03-30

    Every now and again as an avid reader we come across a volume of work so incredibly wonderful it takes a few days to come down from the thrilling high that overtakes our senses. I just read Author Vèè Nelly’s Visions of Prosetry. On the whole this book was extremely entertaining. There is definitely something in here for everyone. These short stories were like spending a day at Six Flaggs on the largest, most exciting Roller Coaster. You never knew when the turn, the upside down, heart stopping drop was coming. That is what Nelly’s story telling was like. At moments it was very endearing and tender. Just when your heartstrings were pulled, don’t get too comfortable. The pace is going to change and your looking in the face of an unfaithful husband and an unanticipated murder. From Beauty contestant and pagent winners to murder. Every single page and short story took the reader on a different twist and turn.
    Each story was more suspenseful than the one that preceded it. I was most impressed with Nelly’s ability as a man to really accurately develop female character’s mindsets and feminine sensibilities. Nelly was unbelievable. Strong story telling. Masterful character development and as previously stated incredibly interesting. Prepare to be taken on the most thrilling short story narratives of your life. I will read this many many times in the months and days to come. We’re still homebound in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Nelly’s Visions of Prosetry definitely took your mind off Quarantine and delivered superior story telling. 👏🏿 This is a 5-Star rated read and highly recommended.

  8. Katrina

    Visions of Prosetry: Katrina Blackbutterfli – 2021-04-20

    5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book
    Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2020
    This book has a lot of variety poems and stories in that will take you on an emotional journey. It is well written and has very compelling stories. I like how the author explain the story behind the poems. I could tell the author put a lot of thought behind each poems and stories. I would definitely recommend.

  9. Katrina

    “Poetic Knight”
    5 out of 5 Stars
    “…love the poems and stories…the way the (Author) writes (One) can tell he is passionate about the Art. “I Can’t Breathe, Knock, Knock, and Priceless are my favorites.” I love the short stories “In the Heart of a Little Girl and Queen of Clay.” Definitely an outstanding, thought provoking read; perfect mixture of poems and short stories. I highly recommend this Author!!!”
    Katrina Black Butterfli Oct.2, 2020/

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