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A King's Fall - Visions of Truth

Krafty Pages | Bookstore | Genre: Spiritual, Non-Fiction | Views: 200,890 | Downloads: 1,890 | Print Sales: 590 | Rating: | Updated Aug 03, 2022 | Post Comments |
"This book is very sensitive to me because it involves things that not many of us like to admit or speak about ourselves: "Pride"."

- TC Neville Senior


"This book really opened my eyes to things I did not see in my own perspective. Our mind and thinking really blinds us to the truth as the great proverbs said, "Man is righteous in his own eyes" (paraphrasing). TC really got into the depths of the topic of this book, and his transparency is noble. He compared his own life to that of past kings who should have known better with wisdom and time. It only confirms that this parasite called pride shows no discrimination. I also love the bonus book Death Unto Life. What happens after we die is still somewhat a controversial topic, but to have a premonition of a dream such as this one... it is really hard to dismiss that we just die and then nothing. As a scholar and pastor, I approve this book to those who would humble their hearts and soul and let this author teach you some things. This book is an easy read and the author put his thoughts and candor into it so it will be a help to all. Thanks TC... "

- Pastor William.

About Book

This book is very sensitive to me because it involves things that not many of us like to admit or speak about ourselves: "Pride". In this book I speak about how pride affected my previous life, social media, and how we can recover from it. I also point out the many disguises of Pride today versus that of thousands of years ago... today many people are still loosing everything because of this virus, yes I said it, Virus! Viruses spread, and most can be cured, but Pride is one that rear its head in odd places even when you thought you had it under control...

A King's Fall

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Christian, Spiritual, Novel.


Intended for all audience and culture, especially our youths.


Based on true events, Teaches about Pride and its Destruction, Pride versus King Saul, Pride and its disguises, Pride and Social Media... Bonus book speaks on the afterlife and dealing with death.


This book includes "Death Unto Life" and comes in one other cover variation to choose from.

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TC Neville Senior ( Book Author )

My name is TC Neville Senior, also known as Nelly. I am a self-motivated, creative author who writes to share my thoughts and experiences with the public. Genres that I am most interested in reading and writing includes Horror, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Eschatology, and Spiritual Novels. I love a well crafted book with twists and turns.

At home, I am the eldest of four siblings, an uncle to three, and a father of three. As the son of a retired Army Veteran and a mother who played the role of both parents, I had a difficult childhood. Although I'd been through more than most, I drew hope and optimism from my experiences and directed my feelings into writing to share with the world.

Outside of reading and writing, my hobbies include playing sports, cooking, creating new recipes, deep-sea fishing, sculpting, painting, and volunteering. With a wide range of hobbies and experiences, I am able to produce varying and unique characters with different backgrounds and lives.

Some of my favorite authors include John Grisham, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, James Patterson, and Mary Higgins Clark. Still, I would say that my most significant influences in writing comes from music rather than reading. Artists such as Joe, Room 112, Brian McKnight, Jon B., Avant, Keith Sweat, and other R&B musicians from the 80's and 90's were my greatest inspirations.

I've published three series: "Visions of Poetry," "Visions of Truth," and "Dark Haze." The first series includes "Poetic Knight," "Thorns and Roses," "MidKnight Rendezvous," and the most recent "Visions of Prosetry Collector Edition." The second series includes "Death Unto Life," and "A King's Fall." The last "Dark Haze-The Island."

My future works includes fine-tuning my website KnightVision.Ink, building a community network of creators and volunteers, and working on a new life-story novel called, "Unburnt-Surviving My Enemies' Flames." To get an in-depth look into my life click Here!

You can purchase any of my books by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Thanks in advance for your donations.

Vee Nelly | Founder | Owner
KVI Network Creations