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Sammy's Curious Adventure

Krafty Pages | Bookstore | Genre: Children Fiction, Learning, Teaching | Rating: | Updated Aug 03, 2022 | Post Comments |

Sammy's Curious Adventure

Special: Digital: $2.99 | Print: $10.99
Itm: 001- 388 | GTIN# 6-76351446387

About Book

Sammy is a curious bunny that goes to the park with his best friend Hannah the squirrel. While there Sammy stumbles on an object he has never seen before. Hannah realizes it might not be safe and tries to tell Sammy who doesn't listen.


Children, Fiction, Teaching & Learning Book


Children: What kids must do when coming across strange objects and situations. This book teaches that curiosity is good but you also have to be safe.

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August 03, 2022 Post Comments

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Annette Phillip ( Book Author )

Annette Phillip was born and raised in Goodwill Commonwealth of Dominica. She presently resides in New York City. Annette loved writing poetry and reading as a child, she decided to broaden her talent by writing her first childrens' book. Writing is her passion, and she promises this will not be her last book.

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"... Annette never cease to amaze me. Her storytelling is witty and fresh. The characters are always lovable and rememberable. The illustrations in this book are excellent! My nieces and nephews fell in love with the bright colors of the photos. Superb work!."

-Author Vee Nelly