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Urban Prose & Short Stories IV - Visions Of Poetry

Krafty Pages | Bookstore | Genre: Urban, Short Stories & Poetry, Love and Relationships | Views: 100,890 | Downloads: 15,890 | Print Sales: 1,890 | Rating: | Updated Aug 03, 2022 | Post Comments |
This book is unique from the other three I did, whereas I used photos to prompt inspirations of my titles and stories. Outside of my other books that are more premised on real events, this book is more fiction-based with a hint of events that actually involved myself.


"I have been a follower of this author, and each time he delivers flawlessly when it comes to wit, imagination, and storytelling. It's amazing to witness this author pull a rabbit of fantasy and fiction out of a hat like majic by simply viewing just a photo. These stories, even though Vee says some are fiction based, are so realistically familiar, original and fresh; even makes one wonder 'what if?' Continue Vee, you have found your niche. Thank you for sharing that with us, your readers"

- Dwayne J. D.

Urban Prose & Short Stories - Visions Of Poetry

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    *Genre: Spiritual, Horror, Urban Literature and Prose, Mystery, Crime of Passion, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Poetry, Prose
    *Topic: Racism, Mental Health, Lust, Unforgiveness, Revenge, Fear...


Greetings! This is Vee, Author of the book, Visions of Prosetry | Collectors Edition. Below are sneak-peek excerpts and narratives clipped from the last book in our series, Urban Prose and Short-Stories. You can find this book in our Collectors Edition as mentioned above which also includes the book "Poetic Knight, Thorns and Roses, and MidKnight Rendezvous." This book encompasses all genres in prose, poetry, and short stories. From Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Crime, to Love, Romance, Heartbreaks and Inspirations.


This book is unique from the other three I did, whereas I used photos to prompt inspirations of my titles and stories. Outside of my other books that are more premised on real events, this book is more fiction-based with a hint of events that actually involved myself (this is noted in the literature below). I would love to give credit and dedication for this book to Katrina Black Butterfli, to whom I was a part of her wonderful Facebook Group, "Urban Short Stories and Poetry". Her assignments and photo prompts inspired me to embrace another style of writing and approach to storytelling. Below, are some of the photo assignments (borrowed from Pinterest) to make these titles and storyline possible. A special thanks to the Authors of these photographs and art that inspires us to create works of art in the form of written word. Here is what others had to say about their rollercoaster ride through the pages of this book...


"A thrilling high! Overtakes [y]our senses! Extremely entertaining! Very endearing and ...Tender! Heart stopping! Took the reader on a different twist and turn!"
- Chyrel Jackson, Author |

"... a true embodiment of Literature with some elements of truth and fiction which helps a reader develop the Imagery or Vivid Imagination of the contents in the book. The book encompasses Themes of Romance, Suspense, Crime, Supernatural, Fantasy, etc. As an African and English Literature connoisseur, I deem it fit to commend the Brobdingnagian Author of this book for Coming up with such a fascinating content. It is indeed a wonderful work. It's words are well structured and his style of writing are no doubt Superfluous and one of a kind... His style of writing differs from other African and English writers, they're well paragraphed and well structured with some Morphological and Syntactical use. ...indeed a very fascinating piece and mindbogglingly in nature."
- Author Erudite

Thank you Chyrel and Erudite for these unexpected words. Well, we hope you enjoy these short narratives and excerpts plucked from the canvas pages of this wonderful book. What's unique about these stories is that they all incorporate real life true events. Hopefully we can convince you that this is the book you want to read, share and add to your bookshelf. Thanks for your continued contributions. Enjoy!

The single edition of this book is now available on Google Book. You can also get this book under the cover of "Visions of Prosetry".

Some Photo Prompts that Inspired My Book


Excerpts, Narratives, and Quotes

"You would have made it little bee, but you chose to rely on that stinger. And when a bee has used its lance. They must suffer a deadly consequence. She knew this. She was the mother of the hive, the Queen Bee. She was: Dark Venom."

"Dreams won't keep me content, reality won't keep me sated. I must have both. But I cannot continue to live like this. Deception is destroying my soul. I often bite back my tongue when my husband, I almost call by another's name, and the lover, I almost call by my husband's name. But only I am to blame. Pathetic."

"Glossy crystal balls, transfixed he stares in, seeing the future. Those bright full moons seated within her galaxy, conjured within him something beastly. Belonging only to God, he knew his soul was not hers to give, but the way her gaze made him feel inside, he would sign it over to her in a heartbeat and suffer the consequences at the end of the day."

"The glow of her skin was the color of pure honey, he tastes it now upon his lips, so sweet. Imaginations getting stronger and stronger, a dream becoming seemingly real, as he continues to sink down deeper."

"He knew if ever that smile should widen, it would be warm sunrise upon the mind of his horizon. Each breach of her pearly whites would be an hour that passes, as the sunlight gets brighter and brighter still, as it rises within, lighting the flame of desires within him. He stands there basking, lost in her magnificence, just a simple shadow eclipsed by her glory."

"Every time it seems I'm walking the road of righteousness, I am deceived yet again. I look over across the way, and down at my feet where I stand today, and realize, I am not on the path I truly needed to be. How did I even get here?"

"Some say we were created in pairs, and we need each other to survive. For in isolation, even though it may seem peaceful at times, we still get lonely, we long for the contact or the presence of another soul."

"Tonight might be your last." My last, or his? I couldn't tell which one of the whisperers spoke up this time. Was it God giving this warning, or the unknown strangers in my head? "You will soon find out." Something inside me went quiet. Someone inside me felt disconnected. "Snap!" Could it have been my soul? What have I done to this man to make him want to violate me, our bed, our home, my flow? Voices, voices, whispers in my head. "Do it! He is asleep, he won't feel a thing, not at first."

"Who am I?" Is the question we all ask ourselves throughout our lifetime, whether we'd love to admit it or not. Some say that when you are about to die, one's entire life flashes in front of their eyes. Well, in my case my life flashed before my eyes on many occasions, but I didn't die. I didn't want to die. But now?"

"How did I even get into the middle of this mess, how can one escape two waves that drowns me in passion and ecstasy? Each time I am pulled down deeper, my honor fights to swim back up to truth, my conscience fights for air, the air of confession, of coming clean."

"She had to get the last word. But not before taking every penny he's worth. Was this her plan from the beginning? A black-widow spider, who seduces her lover? When her trap is laid, he's drained, tired and helpless (the secret Kryptonite when man is at his most vulnerable), does she slowly eat him?"

"The Visitor set down her glass on the counter ever so gentle, slowly in the fabric of no time at all. No sooner had she done this, the dark twins' eyes lit up with fire. Dark feathered wings exploded from their backs, the sound of a stack of papers blown away by strong winds. But Charles was too transfixed on the Visitor to notice any of this, moreover to now realize that the twins' gaze were now marked on him."

"Destiny, (Daddy would say) people are books, and this world is a library. Just sit back and "check out" the books and you can learn many things. The cover should represent what the inside of the soul is all about, and likewise, the story of the soul, what's written on the pages should represent what the cover, or outer appearance is all about. Both should be in unison. Most people spend their whole lives beautifying the cover of their book, but inside are filled with flaws. Their story inside is deceptive to the readers, not their own, and does not match the outer cover."

"What is the point of true love if it cannot be shared? What's the point of saying it, if you don't really care? Do you even know its meaning? Did you really understand its origin? They say actions speak louder than words. If I had not felt love before, I would never have believed in it."

"When I walked in on them, he pushed her off his charlie horse, as she tumbles back hitting her head. It happened all at once that night, a dream that keeps rewinding. As she's floating down on dresser's edge, an invisible bullet would soon claim her life. Staring into my eyes, a knowing that she had just bested me, a smirk on her face. "Crack!? Head impacts the table, from which she'll never awake. We had to hide the body, before the neighbors knew."

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Vee Nelly ( Book Author )

My name is TC Neville Senior, also known as Nelly. I am a self-motivated, creative author who writes to share my thoughts and experiences with the public. Genres that I am most interested in reading and writing includes Horror, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Eschatology, and Spiritual Novels. I love a well crafted book with twists and turns.

At home, I am the eldest of four siblings, an uncle to three, and a father of three. As the son of a retired Army Veteran and a mother who played the role of both parents, I had a difficult childhood. Although I'd been through more than most, I drew hope and optimism from my experiences and directed my feelings into writing to share with the world.

Outside of reading and writing, my hobbies include playing sports, cooking, creating new recipes, deep-sea fishing, sculpting, painting, and volunteering. With a wide range of hobbies and experiences, I am able to produce varying and unique characters with different backgrounds and lives.

Some of my favorite authors include John Grisham, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, James Patterson, and Mary Higgins Clark. Still, I would say that my most significant influences in writing comes from music rather than reading. Artists such as Joe, Room 112, Brian McKnight, Jon B., Avant, Keith Sweat, and other R&B musicians from the 80's and 90's were my greatest inspirations.

I've published three series: "Visions of Poetry," "Visions of Truth," and "Dark Haze." The first series includes "Poetic Knight," "Thorns and Roses," "MidKnight Rendezvous," and the most recent "Visions of Prosetry Collector Edition." The second series includes "Death Unto Life," and "A King's Fall." The last "Dark Haze-The Island."

My future works includes fine-tuning my website KnightVision.Ink, building a community network of creators and volunteers, and working on a new life-story novel called, "Unburnt-Surviving My Enemies' Flames." To get an in-depth look into my life click Here!

You can purchase any of my books by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Thanks in advance for your donations.

Vee Nelly | Founder | Owner
KVI Network Creations