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Words Of Encouragement - Voices Of Truth

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"This book 'Words of Encouragement' encompasses a collection of various books that touches upon all the things people tend to not want to think about or talk about.."

- C. Robert


"This is one book I know that was influenced by God. This author touches on things in truth that will offend the average soul but that is exactly what the truth does... convicts us. I love the convenience of having all Robert's books in one cover. This book is a relatively voluminous read. The themes touches on today's society and its people, certain movements, the government, parents and children, even quotes some scripture and how it relates to our lives today. I found this book very inspiring. I would not recommend this book to certain individuals due to the sensitive nature of what is recorded within, but if you have an open mind to discern the truth then this book is definitely worth the read. The author also share a sensitive side to his upbringing in his book Diary of a Black Man, but you will have to read it to see what's in store..."

- John D.

Words Of Encouragement - Voices Of Truth

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About Book

This book 'Words of Encouragement' encompasses a collection of various books that touches upon all the things people tend to not want to think about or talk about. This book might be a little sensitive to the average reader because it touches on some truths that may be offensive to most, but what is truth? Should we be fearful of it? Truth indeed does hurt when it beats against the grain of our own selfish pride and desires. This book is personal to me as it encompasses everything I have been through or experienced in my life as it relates to society, past and current times. I have witnessed things that are hurtful, some joyful, and others, just bizarre. Nevertheless, reading through my book you will find inspiration and clarification to many applications in your life. My Publisher at KVINC made it his business to name the title of my book with a little twist, hence the abbreviated title "WOE" which means "things that cause great sorrow and distress." Yes, this book is a roller-coaster of mixed feelings and emotions. You will need to buckle up real tight and prepare yourself for the ride.

Itm: 001- 143



Color PDF. Available in all sizes. Standard Size: 6"x9" / 5"x8". Hardback & Paperback Copies Available. Signature Copies Available Upon Request. 3-5 Day Handling. Flat Rate Shipping: $6.99 (anywhere in continental US). 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Print Items. 30min. Money Back Guarantee On Digital Items.


Christian, Spiritual, Devotional, Inspirational


Self-help, Women, Separation, Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Overcoming Trials & Tribulations...


Includes the books Thoughts & Aspirations, Words of Wisdom, Thoughts, Word & Action, and Diary of a Black Man.

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C. Robert ( Book Author )

Robert is the co-founder of KnightVision.Ink and a native of Kingston, Jamaica. He enjoys singing and playing musical instruments. You can find him always writing his thoughts and inspirations on paper, as well volunteering in his church and choir. Some say that Robert is a quiet soul, but that is not a bad thing. God speaks to those who can quiet the noise around them of this world. Robert is just the vessel God used to get His message through to his people. One can find some of Robert's Prose in the blog section of this website.