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KVINC Spotlight Event! How to Qualify JUL 28, 2022 Post Comments

Video created by Designer Nisa

Greetings! Would you love to be featured in our spotlight event for a chance to win various Prizes or Cash? How much is $10.00 worth to you these days?

New Updates: Submission prices are now $10.00. Includes:
* a showcase design and written bio on our platorm;
* unlimited promotions or advertisements via social media
* If you are an author and have a published book... Your book(s) will be added to our store's bookshelf
* For $5.00 more we can design an author "book & payment page" to advertise and sell your book or produc


1. Download the fillable form by clicking the button or to recieve a link to fill out your form online.

Download Form

2. Fill out the form and submit along with any photos by using this button:

Submit Form

3. You are welcome to modify the questions to fit your trade, craft or specific circumstance, but keep the questions within the parameter of what is required.

4. All entry fees must be made up front to receive a professional showcase design. The cost starts at $10.00 per an entry. You may donate more before or after your showcase to say thank you to our team. Use this button to visit our donation page to learn more.

5.Please allow us time to complete your showcase. It takes time to design

6. Alternative ways to donate click here:


7. You may also purchase any of our books equivalent to the donation fee or services to enter into the prize giveaway.

  • Visions of Prosetry
  • A King's Fall
  • Dark Haze - The Island
  • Words of Encouragement

***Extended from June 2022 until end of year / 2023

8. BIG CONTRIBUTORS: Will Receive a "Free Gift," if the amount is over $25.00 and more...

9. Questions? Feel free to use any of the Contact Messengers or links on our website to reach us.

10. Questions about our Terms and Policies? Click Here.

Some of Our Spotlight Qualifiers