• Norm And Sunlight

    The politicians want to play politics with citizens’ lives and are sadistically willing to give the thumbs up or down in terms who lives or dies. Wasting valuable time and money on their refusal to come to terms with their sworn duties under the constitution. Living high off the taxpayers and pushing lies and their […]

    Is this hypocritical?

    What makes one a professional editor? Is it hypocritical for someone who relies 100% on ‘grammar/spelling applications’ to compose their own works (versus someone who doesn’t) to criticize your errors of improper grammar and spelling uses? Let me know your thoughts.


    Greetings! I am still new and learning about this “How to Blog” thing as well “How to Navigate WordPress.com”. Several months ago I transferred in from Square/Weebly.com. Still trying to decide if I made a good choice, or should I move back. This is a little overdue but here is a little about who I […]

  • Katrina Squire

    To: KVInk Self Publishers: Very professional and get the job done in a timely manners. He want the best for his clients and try to achieve it to his highest ability. I would highly recommend!! ★★★★★https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/102378974278396544151/place/ChIJ2dVFixJL5IkResoMPsQD6qc/@36.3774172,-87.515881,5z?hl=en-US

    Response from the owner 5 months ago

    From KVINK.SP: Thank you Katrina and you are absolutely correct. Our aim is to help and uplift others, help them accomplish their goal for little or nothing at all because we care about our Client’s needs. Let us know how we can continue to help.

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