Visions of Prosetry | Itm. 246


I'm honored to present you with this copy of Visions of Prosetry. This is a Collector's Edition, filled with Diverse Cultures of Prose, Poetry, and Short Stories. A Suspense-Thriller mixed with Romance and Fantasy. These compositions are based on truth and fiction, which makes the very nature of the characters come to life. Even though this is a new book, my fourth actually, I've decided to add all previous series together under one cover. "Poetic Knight, Thorns & Roses, MidKnight Rendezvous, and Urban Prose & Short Stories". These literatures are that of life experiences, whether of mine or that of others. I hope you enjoy reading this book and see the very art, the different fabrics, the painted colors used on each canvas, called the pages of my soul. This book is for you.


Genre: Action, Mild Adult & Erotica, Adventure, Art & Culture, Crime & Thriller, Drama, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Horror, Magic, Mind, Body & Spirit, Motivation, Mystery, Mysticism, Paranormal, Personal & Professional Development, Romance, Science Fiction, Sexuality, Spirituality, Urban Fiction, Woman's Fiction • Topics: Abuse, Discrimination, Mental Health, Racism, Relationships, Lust, Self-esteem, Motivation, Supernatural, Love, Betrayal, Crimes of Passion, Women, Separation, Anxiety...


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