What's Your Favorite Flavor Of Shit Sandwich and Does It Come With An Olive?

Ah, yes. The all-important question. What flavor of shit sandwich would you like to eat? Because here's the sticky truth about life that they don't tell us: Everything sucks, some of the time. Now, that probably sounds incredibly pessimistic of me. And you may be thinking, "Hey Vèè, what are you thinking?" But I actually think this is a liberating idea. Everything involves sacrifice. Everything includes some sort of cost. Nothing is pleasurable or uplifting all of the time. So the question becomes: what struggle or sacrifice are you willing to tolerate? Ultimately, what determines our ability to stick with something we care about is our ability to handle the rough patches and ride out the inevitable rotten days. If you want to be a brilliant tech entrepreneur, but you can't handle failure, then you're not going to make it far. If you want to be a professional artist, but you aren't willing to see your work rejected hundreds, if not thousands of times, then you're done before you start. If you want to be a hotshot court lawyer, but can't stand the 8o-hour workweeks, then I've got bad news for you. What shit sandwich do you want to eat? Because we all get served one eventually. Might as well pick one one with an olive. –VISUALIZING VIRTUE: CREATIVITY WITH CHARACTER

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